Semi-automatic vs. Revolver

What are the Difference – Semi-automatic vs. Revolver?

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Semi-automatic vs. Revolver

For many years, revolvers and semi-automatics are known as common handguns for self-defense. However, the usual debate between the semi-automatic vs. revolver has been there for a long time. Which one could you choose, and why?

For those guys who love semi-automatic handguns, they claim it has a bigger capacity than the revolvers. On the other hand, the revolver guys are in love with more power. However, there more than these two aspects while comparing the two handguns.

Below is an unbiased comparison of semi-automatic vs. revolver based on different aspects. Let’s take you through for a better understanding. Besides, it will help you choose that suits you.

Semi-automatic vs. Revolver
Semi-automatic vs. Revolver
  • Reliability

When choosing between a pistol and a revolver, you need to consider the reliability of the handgun. Both of the two are very reliable handguns. However, semi-automatics are at times prone to minor malfunctions such as jamming, but it happens if the owner does not take care of his firearm. On the other hand, revolvers are very reliable.

Conversely, Modern semi-autos are more reliable than revolvers since their features such as sights and triggers are more enhanced. Besides, their recoil impact is minimal. If you like old school stuff, a revolver will be a better option. If you want modern handguns, go for a semi-automatic pistol.

  • Capacity

You should always have enough rounds with you. It is undebatable that semi-automatic pistols have a higher capacity than revolvers. It is one of the most significant advantages of semi-autos. Most semi-auto pistols have magazines that can hold from 10 to over 21 rounds. Isn’t that enough for self-defense? A standard revolver can take up to 6 -7 rounds. It’s a double of what semi-automatic pistols accommodate.

  • Reloading

Imagine that situation; you are under pressure, and you need to reload your handgun. It is quite critical. Isn’t it? In such circumstances, reloading an auto-semi handgun is way easier than on a revolver. Besides, semi-autos have a bigger capacity of ammunition; hence you reload less often. For you to reload a revolver very fast, you need to do a lot of practice.

  • Accuracy

No one wants to miss the target. The semi-automatic pistols are well designed to achieve a high level of accuracy. It is enhanced with sights, and the trigger is smooth enough for accuracy. On the other side, revolvers are also accurate if you are a seasoned shooter who has embraced a fair practice and mastered the skills with a revolver. Semi-automatics vs. revolvers, where do you fit? Consider your shooting skills while selecting between the two.

  • Power

Power is a significant factor while choosing the right handgun for yourself. However, the aspect of power is not necessarily determined by the type of handgun being used to fire. For instance, it is false to say that .357 Magnum Ruger GP-100 is less powerful than a .357 Magnum Desert Eagle. From a general perspective, we can say that revolvers are more powerful. Also, the barrel length plays a vital role in determining the power of any handgun.

From the above explanation, you should go for revolvers if you are into hunting. Why? They deliver more mass and more energy on target. A semi-automatic pistol would be efficient for self-defense.

  • Ease of use

Suppose you are not proficient with handguns, then you can quickly learn how to shot with a revolver unlike a semi-auto. Revolvers are more comfortable to use. It will take a couple of days, if not weeks, to perfect your shooting skills with a semi-automatic pistol. Also, if you feel you have week hands, then revolvers will be a better choice.  However, when you master your shooting abilities with the semi-auto, it’s also easy to use the handgun.

  • Easy to conceal

Concealing a revolver is easier than other semi-automatics. However, the cylinders are wider in some revolvers, and that can be challenging. To deal with such minor issues, you can use ankle holsters and shoulder holsters. For the ladies, they can easily put it in a purse. A revolver is perfect if you prefer concealing outside the waistband.

If you consider concealing inside the waistband, then it’s easier for a semi-automatic pistol. You can hardly notice if someone is carrying one. Its well-designed components do not bulge out.

What Handgun Should You Choose?

From the above comparison: semi-automatics vs. revolvers, there are a lot of factors to consider while selecting a handgun. It’s always advisable to go for that one you feel will serve your needs. Each one of them has a better side and also disadvantages, so be keen while selecting. However, it is good you take care of your handgun for its reliability at all times.

We hope this helped you. Make up your mind on what you deserve to own.

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