Nighthawk Custom Fire Hawk Model 1911 Review

Nighthawk Custom Fire Hawk Model 1911 Review

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Custom Fire Hawk Model 1911 Review

The year 2003 was the introduction of a world-famous firearm company. The Nighthawk Custom, an organization, specialized in crafting a high-quality Model 1911 Handgun. The Manufacturers made pistols with the most exceptional parts available. Several firms hired a group of gun makers with extraordinary capabilities to build a superb firearm.

What’s so unique about the Nighthawk custom 1911?

Generally when a regular handgun is created, the process goes as follows:

The first gunsmith furnishes the barrel and slide. The next is the trigger guy who takes care of the entirety of the weapon’s trigger section. The third assembly guy provides the checkering. Finally, one more person applies the finishing touch. But in the case of Nighthawk custom, the scenario is entirely different. When the company receives an order, they assign the task to a single gunsmith. He takes the sole responsibility of crafting a weapon from start to finish. Sounds Interesting Indeed! The recently released Firehawk pistol was crafted by a person named Justin Farnan.  The gun owes all its success to John Browning’s splendid early design.

Hands-on experience with the Nighthawk

Our team is aware that the Firehawk is used for personal purposes. Shooting this handgun brought us back to the nostalgic days where such guns clashed with counterbalanced Model 1911 Handguns. When you take a look at this gun’s compensator, there is a single chamber, a unique port layout, and a section length of about 1.110 inches. This weapon’s total length is similar to that of the standard 5 inch 1911 model without a compensator. We measured the slide, and it is nearly 6.25 inches long, which is larger than the standard 5-inch barreled gun. The Firehawk comes in two variants: 9mm Luger and .45 ACP. We decided to go with the .45 ACP, as this is the cartridge type we prefer. One of the major perks of this weapon is the black nitride finish for different elements such as the Slide, Stainless-steel frame, and compensator.

Other Interesting attributes

People who love an old-fashioned style choose wooden grip panels. In addition to this, what attracts us the most to this weapon is the Synthetic VZ Agent 1 grips and their modern surface treatment. In the mainspring housing, we can find a magazine well funnel with densely beveled edges. Additionally, this assures a fumble-free reload. The larger funnels can be noticed only on competition guns. A thin bumper pad is also found on the eight-round magazine, this increases the length of the grip as well. Talking about the hammer, it arrives in the classic Commander style.

The Precision

Firstly, you all should know that firing at least five perfect rounds is a good indication of a  weapon’s accuracy potential. In the case of the Firehawk, we had a joyous experience and had fun throughout the shooting tests. We could not stop pressing the trigger at all. We shot at several targets in different distances ranging from 10 to 25 yards. A moment of surprise came when we noticed 14 separate bullet holes quite close to  the impact point. This precision is all due to the impeccable fit and finish of the gun.

The Specifications of the Nighthawk Firehawk

Let’s take a swift look at the specs of this gun.

  1. Caliber: 9mm
  2. Barrel: 3.9 inches
  3. OA Length: 8.58 inches
  4. Weight: 5 pounds
  5. Sights: Gold bead insert/Heinie Ledge (rear)
  6. Action: Semi-automatic/single action
  7. Finish: Stainless Steel
  8. Grips: VZ G-10 Black w/medallion
  9. Capacity: 10+1 rounds
  10. Retail price: $4,199

Performance with loads

We even tried varied loads to determine the weapon’s execution.

The Final Verdict

Originally our team was not too interested in shooting pistols, but after using the Nighthawk Fire hawk Model 1911, we’re definitely going to review more extraordinary handguns like this one soon. It’s a great buy for any weapon enthusiast. Decide the right caliber, and you are guaranteed to fall in love with this sexy handgun. The company’s “One Gun, One Gunsmith” philosophy is indeed a vital factor for this custom firearm becoming a phenomenal success!

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