Custom Firearms Engraving

Custom Firearms Engraving – How To Engraving on your Firearms?

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Custom Firearms Engraving

What does firearms engraving entail? It is a technique or art of carving designs into the surface of your firearm as a way of customization. Custom Firearms engraving is one of the ancient arts applied to weapons for different purposes. In many cases, custom firearms are a symbol of ownership and supremacy.

Gun engraving involves markings of small letters to sophisticated designs on a firearm. For instance, some prefer engraving a name on their gun with simplicity; others go for 2D designs, 3D designs, or even a “cocktail” of different designs. You can probably have a custom firearm with all artwork of your choice.

Nowadays, nearly all guns can be engraved. It is a simple process if you have the right tools and skills to reward yourself with elegance on your gun. To gun enthusiasts, custom firearms are of sentimental value. However, gun engraving is a simple process that can take a more extended period to achieve the perfection of your artwork.

Custom Firearms Engraving
Custom Firearms Engraving

What are the Forms of Firearms Engraving?

A custom firearm takes different forms of engraving. Besides, a gun is made of different materials; hence it requires you to apply a different method for varying designs.

Laser Engraving

It entails the use of specialized laser machines that make shapes and grooves on a firearm. They are known to work better on metal, leather, and wood. The designs are processed from a computer via the laser machines; hence art is very accurate on our gun. Have you been considering custom firearms? Laser engraving is among the best technique to apply. The elegance and splendor are of high level.

Hand Engraving

As the name suggests, any design work is delivered by hand using the appropriate tools. However, it requires competent skills and creativity. Hand engraving designs are expensive than any other due to the value they add on your firearm. It focuses more on quality. Also, the designs last for years.

Roll Engraving

It’s good news for those owning fine firearms. For atypical roll engraving techniques, a reverse image of a design is engraved on curved and hardened surfaces by rolling it over. The force applied while rolling creates 3D designs on surfaces. It’s such a simple process.

The sculpted roll engraving method is very refined and uses multi-dimensional roll technologies combined with CNC type precision. Also, a hand chasing follows to enhance the most exquisite details.


Etching has been used for quite long. It’s done in two ways. The first one is called acid etched engraving, which is more of a traditional form. A firearm is a bath in etching acid whereby unprotected parts of the metal are dissolved hence creating a design on the remaining parts. It works on different surfaces and shapes of various firearms.

The other form is the galvanic etching, whereby acid is not used. For this process, the materials are bathed with chemicals to receive an electric charge. Exposed parts are etched away hence creating a design.  Cleaning is the final step to get a clear pattern. However, it requires skills.

While making a custom firearm, you can apply one or several of the above methods depending on the design you want, shape, and material of your firearm. From the above techniques, you can easily have any custom engraving on your firearm.

Is it Legal to Engrave a Gun?

According to the ATF, you do not need a Federal-Firearm License (FFL) to engrave most parts of your gun primarily. Besides, anyone licensed as a dealer/gunsmith and who engraves/camouflages firearms do not have to be licensed as a manufacturer, as highlighted in the Gun Control Act. However, if you are engaged in the business of camouflaging/engraving firearms, then you must be licensed as a dealer.

From the above perspective, it is entirely legal to engrave your gun. However, it would be best if you critically examined where you lie from the above-highlighted categories when you need to do custom firearms.  Besides, if you are engraving a gun for someone else for more than 24 hours, then you need an FFL to be in possession of that gun legally.

The legal aspect concerning gun engraving is a sensitive matter that could get you in hot soup if you do not understand and follow all the guidelines by the ATF or state regulations.

How Much Does It Cost To Custom Engrave A Firearm?

Many people like customizing their firearms, but then the price is a crucial consideration. Several factors determine how much it will cost you to do that custom engraving on your firearm. Below are some of the things to look into:

  • Budget
  • Design to be engraved
  • Size and type of firearm
  • Type of materials on firearms
  • Method of engraving to be applied.

However, you can easily hire some competent gunsmiths who do custom engraving. Their prices also vary depending on the above factors.

Final Thoughts

What is your position on custom firearms? Engraving firearms is the best way to personalize your pieces, and also it turns them into treasure. Investing in a custom engraving is one of the best choices you should consider if you value your firearm.

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