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How Does A Semi-Automatic Gun Work?

Semi-Automatic Gun Works The history of semi-automatic guns can be traced back to 1885. The 85 was the first successful design of a semi-automatic rifle by a gunsmith from Australia…

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The Complete Guide: Best Sling For AR-15 Rifle

AR-15 Sling Considering the fact that AR’s are an extremely versatile weapon, they require a sling that can provide all the specific aspects you need. For instance, if you are…

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A Basic Guide For Shotgun Maintenance

Shotgun Maintenance Proper shotgun maintenance is extremely important to help keep your gun in top condition. This in turn can extend its longevity, and ensure that it aids you to…

5 Best Custom Revolvers for Shooting
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To Know the 5 Best Custom Revolvers for Shooting – Custom Firearm

Custom Revolvers for Shooting Revolvers are among the firearms used for personal defense and hunting. Besides, they are easy to handle even when you have little experience with these wheels….

Semi-automatic vs. Revolver
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What are the Difference – Semi-automatic vs. Revolver?

Semi-automatic vs. Revolver For many years, revolvers and semi-automatics are known as common handguns for self-defense. However, the usual debate between the semi-automatic vs. revolver has been there for a…

Custom Firearms Engraving
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Custom Firearms Engraving – How To Engraving on your Firearms?

What does firearms engraving entail? It is a technique or art of carving designs into the surface of your firearm as a way of customization. Custom Firearms engraving is one…

How To Make Your Own Handgun
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How and Why to Make your Own Handgun[Updated 2020]

Handgun Customization Did you know that you can legally make your own handgun at home? The Gun Control Act 1968 (GCA) requires anyone dealing in firearms to be licensed by…

Customizable Handguns
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What Are The Best Handguns to Customize?

Best Handguns to Customize What Is A Handgun? A handgun is designed for use by one hand. The most common categories are revolvers and semi-automatic pistols. This classification depends on…

Shotgun Vs Rifle
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Shotgun Vs Rifle : The Battle for Hunting

Shotgun vs. Rifle for Hunting In America, a significant number of people engage in hunting. However, it can never be better if you do not use the right tools for…

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Nighthawk Custom Fire Hawk Model 1911 Review

The year 2003 was the introduction of a world-famous firearm company. The Nighthawk Custom, an organization, specialized in crafting a high-quality Model 1911 Handgun. The Manufacturers made pistols with the...