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What Are The Best Handguns to Customize?

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Best Handguns to Customize

What Is A Handgun?

A handgun is designed for use by one hand. The most common categories are revolvers and semi-automatic pistols. This classification depends on several factors, including loading technique, caliber used, and rate of fire. What Are The Best Handguns to Customize?

Custom guns are becoming more popular. In the U.S, federal law does not prohibit anyone from making a firearm for their personal use. Custom guns are a game-changer when it comes to the gun world. Most of the handguns are easily customizable to one’s preference.

In this article, we shall look into 4 handguns that you can easily customize. Most of the handgun models in the market are well designed to allow you to try new ideas on them. Besides, if you have the right skills, time, accessories, and proper tools, anyone can customize a handgun. Let’s get started.

Best Handguns to Customize
Best Handguns to Customize

The Colt 1911

The 1911 series is a prominent handgun for decades. It is also known as the “Government” due to its long term use as a standard weapon by the U.S Armed Forces. It is a single-action and semi-automated pistol of all time. Did you know that the Colt 1911 makes one the best custom pistols you ever dream of owning?

Congratulation to John Browning. He is the man who designed this brilliant weapon. With advanced knowledge, innovative ideas, and freedom, you do not deserve to use “boring” 1911 series handguns. You can easily make your 1911 custom pistol to your preference.

What makes 1911 the most customizable handguns you will find? First, it has been in the market for over 10 decades; hence it compatible parts are readily available. Besides, there are quality after-markets parts of the 1911 pistol and are very affordable.

Among components you focus on while designing the 1911 series custom pistol include the frame, slide, springs plugs, the compensator, custom pistol grip screws, magazines, grips, or any other accessories. Remington is known to make compatible and quality custom parts for the 1911 pistols.

Glock 26

The Glock 26 is an iconic handgun among gun enthusiast. It is a favorite gun for many due to its compatibility hence making it easy to carry. Besides, it is a reliable and versatile option for a handgun. Why is the Glock 26 among the best custom pistols out there?

It comes with 3 magazine options. That means you can easily customize your magazine, depending on what you want. They include the Glock 19 magazine, Glock 18- 33 round magazine, etc. You can even try the Mossberg MC1 9mm pistol magazines

The Glock 26s pins and controls are easily compatible with other accessories of your choice. You can play with the color of the chrome finish and grip to enhance the appearance.

The Glock 26 parts are readily available for anyone who want to try some customization.

Ruger Blackhawk 44 Magnum

The Ruger Blackhawk is among the best 6 shot revolvers of all time. A Standard revolver of a .44 magnum caliber comes in blued and stainless steel. However, it has proven to be one of the best custom pistols.

One of the parts to customize on the Ruger Blackhawk is the grip. Variety of natural and hand-made grips complete the outlook of this handgun. A custom on this gun will offer you the desired grip for hunting. It even adds the value of this revolver.

The Ruger Blackhawk’s muzzle crown can be built to your preference to improve accuracy on your revolver. You can also adjust the length of the ejectors and barrel, change the trigger, or any other part. While customizing this gun, you have a variety of options to work on.

The Beretta 92

The Beretta 92 is not a new handgun to many. It’s a convectional firearm notable from the U.S military forces. Its also a reliable single/double action pistol available in the markets today. The Beretta 92 series fall under the category of most customizable handguns.

If you are in search of that custom pistol of your choice, the Beretta will not let you down. The entire firearm is of high quality and supports most of the customization. The parts are replaceable; hence you fix what you want on this 92 series handgun.

For the finish, it easily accommodates new images anytime. It never limits you when you need to take better shots since tuning the trigger is more manageable. Finally, among other custom parts include the grips, grip screws, barrel, slides, frame, and sights.

Bottom-line of Best Handguns to Customize

Customization of handguns has taken another phase, and people have embraced it. Owning a custom pistol does not really change the gun but brings “a new life” on the gun and also the owner. It is the best way to enhance those specific details you need on your best handguns collection. Take a step and own what you deserve.

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