Custom Firearm – An Introduction

Firearms or more commonly known as guns, is a tool, which basically fires a projectile at a high velocity. Firearms are mostly used for an array of different situations, with most common being sporting, hunting and home defense. Firearms are commonly used for range practice or plinking. This is essentially target practice with your firearms. There is also a plethora of competitions around firearms, such as three-gun and long-range shooting. Another common use of firearms is hunting, and generally for hunting people tend to use a firearm such as rifles and shotguns. Most of this depends on the size of the hunt, and how far away it is.

For large game such as elk, an individual may choose to use a 6.5 Creedmoor caliber rifle, whereas for smaller game such as coyotes .223 Rem AR15 will do the trick. Finally, the reason that most individuals purchase firearms, is because of its applicability in home defense situations.

Although this scenario is very rare and essentially every gun owner’s worst nightmare, there is no denying that being in possession of a firearm makes you safer during a home defense situation.

Why do people prefer Custom Firearms?

People get into the customization of firearms just like they get into the customization of anything. Usually its starts with the interest of making your firearm personalized and a reflection of your identity or modifying a firearm for higher functionality.

Custom Firearms

Reflection of your identity- People especially recently, have moved into making firearms an extension of themselves. Recently this statement has been truer than ever, with the popularization of Cerakote. Cerakote is a paintjob done to gun, which adds no functionality to the firearm, but it makes it look cool and unique!

How to Customize Your Firearms

Apart from, the customization for aesthetic appeal there is also a very functional sense of customization. Attachments such as adding a grip to your gun can help you shoot, and compensators or muzzle brakes can help increase the accuracy tremendously. In addition to adding attachments such as grips, many shooters prefer to customize their guns trigger, barrel etc. Which can assist with accuracy.

What’s the Best Custom Firearm ?

Pretty much we can make any custom firearm, but there are some that are more commonly customized and have more modularity than others.

The Best Custom Firearm

The AR15 is arguably the most customizable firearm. Pretty much everything about this firearm can be customized, to the point where it is commonly known as the “Adult Lego”.

The AR15 is an exceptional firearm which has an array of different uses from being one of the best weapons for home defense and cqb, to being an excellent hunting/long range rifle.

This gun comes in numerous different calibers, and numerous different barrel sizes.

Firearms such as the .223 Rem AR15 pistol can be used primarily for CQB and lots of home defense situations.

However, there is some limitations to what you can add to these firearms such as grip and buttstocks. On the other hand, the .308 Win AR15 packs a punch with a heavy hitting round, with enormous stopping power.

This caliber can be used more so for hunting medium-large game. Overall, the reason the AR15 is so popular is because of its customizability.


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